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We offer professional hosting with all the features you need at an affordable price. Using dedicated linux servers located in Dallas, Texas. Read more

Payment Options

Paypal We accept payments though PayPal. PayPal enables any business or consumer with an email address to securely and cost-effectively send and receive payments online in real-time! All online orders are paid in US Dollars.

Bank Transfers - Thailand
We also accept bank transfers in Thailand or cash payments at our offices.

Due to fraud or issues concerning privacy and security we do not accept the following methods of payment:

We do not accept Credit Cards.
We do not accept Checks.
We do not accept payments made through
Western Union or MoneyGram.


We offer pre-installed and configured packages that offer you a web presence in the same day for a low-cost price. Includes domain name and hosting. Read more


We offer domain registration, transfer and renewal and are policy is to ensure all domains are registered in your name, and are client interface is easy-to-use. Read more

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Add words and pictures to your site via any
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Domain registered in your name for one year
25mb cPanel hosting with many extras Pre-installed WordPress & Google Analytics

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OPEN Hosting Store Established September 2008

Why start a hosting company when there are already so many?
Our parent company, OPEN Advertising design and build websites for their clients and often the client supplies their own hosting, which quite frankly is not good enough. Clients don't understand the technical differences in hosting and control panels, they only see the price and often opt for the cheapest.

Where are you located?
OPEN Hosting Store is located in the coastal city of Pattaya, Thailand. Are dedicated linux servers are located in Dallas, Texas and are managed by one of the world's leading datacentre specialists.

What currency do you use?
Although are prices in this website are in Thai Baht, payment is made in US Dollar. We are currently developing a multi-currency option where customers in Thailand will see THB and the rest of the world can see USD.

What makes OPEN Hosting Store so different from the rest?
We are owned by a design company, with the emphasis on good design and functionality for every web user. Would you live in a house with a bad foundation? No, so why should your website use bad hosting.

What about your packages?
We offer pre-installed and configured packages, most of which the average Joe Public have not heard of. WordPress and Joomla are very powerful content management systems. To use these systems off the rack does not need any technical experience to have a website live the same day. All our packages include domain name and web-hosting, plus google analytics installed.

Are there any other package benefits?
The packages are great for clients who may have a new or existing business but have been put off by expensive estimates by so-called web designers. Businesses now have the opportunity to have an online presence to increase business turnover for a very low-cost in difficult times. Using these systems are very flexible, so when you want to have a new look website, all you need to do is change the template.

Why have a design service if you already have packages?
The packages such as WordPress and Joomla come installed with several templates or the customer can find another template they like and install. Our design service is where we make a template to order to match the customer's branding, and the overall function of the site.

We are always looking for new staff to add to our growing team, you will be based at our offices in the coastal city of Pattaya, Thailand. Excellent salary, social security and other great benefits are included. Positions are available to only Thai nationals. Mail us your CV and samples and state clearly which postion you are applying for.

Graphic Designer
Minimun 3 years experience in InDesign, Illustrator and Photshop. Flash and Dreamweaver experience would be a plus. Must speak excellent English.

Web Designer
Minimun 3 years experience in Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop. Must be very capable with CSS, HTML. XML and XHTML is a plus. Must speak excellent English.

PHP Programmer
Minimun 2 years experience in PHP and MySQL. Joomla, WordPress and Smarty experience would be a plus. Must speak excellent English.